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Smile My Heart Belongs To Daddy

Another Way Home

Musikalisk fullträff av Cleo & Winter.  Matias Waller/Ålandstidningen 6.9.2017 ..kvartetilla syntynyt Nature Boy koskettaa aidosti.  Matti Komulainen/TS 19.8.2017. The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress Moon River

Lay Back And Listen!

Finnish vibraphone virtuoso Severi Pyysalo with elctric bass player Timo Hirvonen and drummer Jussi Lehtonen. If playing the vibes was easy, there would be a lot of great vibes players on the planet. The small number of excellent improvising vibraphonists is evidence of just how difficult it is. At the top of that very short […]

Victory Songs

The second CD from Finnish drummer André Sumelius featuring Spanish alto saxophonist Ernesto Aurignac and Finnish pianist Alexi Tuomarila. The Danish virtuoso Anders Christensen on bass. Original compositions by Sumelius. Toshiro Victory Songs

Eight Songs Seven Keys

..Trust in fact, was key, as was a fundamental sense of good time. Without a drummer or a bassist, and with the two guitarists sometimes dissolving into spare sections where time was, at best, suggested, it became even more essential that the two could internalize that time and know where it was, without it being […]


Beautiful, strong original compositions of Heinilä and Kalima played on flute and acoustic guitar. Miss Unknown Soldier Stillleben


On this album Finnish guitarist Niklas Winter teams up with nine different musicians. The record is made in Japan,Finland and Denmark and it is Winter’s debut album in Japan, originally published by Japanese King Records. Everything You Need Is Here If You Wait Long Enough part 1

Live in Stockholm

First album of the Finnish – Swedish quartet that Winter was leading 2002-2008. The record is made in the legendary jazzclub ’ Glenn Miller’s Café ’ in Stockholm 2004. The album consists of Winter originals plus compositions by Fredrik Nordström, Keith Jarrett and Tomaz Stanko. An album full of live energy! Winter has a fresh, […]