Silence0001. Release date 1999.
Personnel: Fredrik Nordström – tenor saxophone, Niklas Winter – guitars, Severi Pyysalo – vibraphone, Jesper Bodilsen -bass, Patrick Lax – percussion, Morten Lund – drums

Winter’s debut album from 1999 featuring Swedish saxophone player Fredrik Nordström and Finnish master vibraphonist Severi Pyysalo. Danish Jesper Bodilsen on bass and Morten Lund on drums. The album consists of original Winter compositions.

Winter’s solos are well-structured and he displays an unusually sensitive ear for guitarists of today.

Flemming Flyd / Jazz Special (Denmark 1998)

Winter’s Jazz Workshop represents elegant and timeless jazz of today- Nordic quality jazz!

Jukka Hauru / Helsingin Sanomat (Finland 1999)


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