Live in Stockholm

Abovoice1013. Release date 2006
Personnel: Fredrik Nordström – tenor saxophone, Niklas Winter – guitar, Filip Augustson – bass, Markku Ounaskari – drums.

First album of the Finnish – Swedish quartet that Winter was leading 2002-2008. The record is made in the legendary jazzclub ’ Glenn Miller’s Café ’ in Stockholm 2004. The album consists of Winter originals plus compositions by Fredrik Nordström, Keith Jarrett and Tomaz Stanko. An album full of live energy!

Winter has a fresh, modern sound. This is original and very exciting music and Niklas Winter Quartet has surely been a great experience at many festivals.

Tor Hammerø/Jazznytt (Norway 2006)

Winter is a true sophisticated original on the guitar in Finland. Fredrik Nordström’s playing is strong and powerful with Filip Augustson and Markku Ounaskari following the soloists with great spontaneity.

Timo Vähäsilta /Rytmi (Finland 2006)

The group has the similar sound as the Keith Jarrett American Quartet from the 70’s and the Paul Motian Group. The ensemble with the stoic feeling will make you feel the sense of beauty.

Hiroki Sugita/Swing Journal (Japan 2006)


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