Abovoice1008. Release date 2001.
Personnel: Fredrik Nordström – tenor saxophone, Severi Pyysalo – vibraphone, Niklas Winter – guitars, Juho Laitinen – cello, Jesper Bodilsen – bass, Morten Lund – drums

The second album of Winter’s Jazzworkshop featuring cellist Juho Laitinen who adds a lyrical flavor to this beautiful and melodic record. Winter original compositions. The other musicians are Swedish saxophonist Fredrik Nordström, Finnish vibraphonist Severi Pyysalo and Danish bass player Jesper Bodilsen and drummer Morten Lund.

Niklas Winter plays the guitar with a great sense for melody and rhythm. A great record consisting of lyrical chamber jazz with lots of personality.

Torsten Eckerman/Jazz Stage (Sweden 2001)

Niklas Winter’s poetic playing shows great knowledge of improvisational skills. Fredrik Nordström is one of the most exciting young tenor players in Sweden, his playing on this album is strong and lyrical at the same time.

Jörgen Östberg/Orkester Journalen (Sweden 2001)


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