Silence0003. Release date 2000.
Personnel: Kari ‘Sonny’ Heinilä – saxophones and flutes, Anders Jormin – bass, Markku Ounaskari – drums

First record of Finnish saxophone player Kari ’ Sonny ’ Heinilä featuring swedish bass virtuoso Anders Jormin and finnish drummer Markku Ounaskari.

Strong and personal music made by three expressive scandinavian musicians!

Jan Strand / Orkester Journalen (Sweden 2000)

Music with a strong drive and wonderful rhythm.

Allan Sommer / Jazz Special (Denmark 2000)

Along the way Jormin, Heinilä and Ounaskari demonstrate a shared confidence and clarity of approach that is downright refreshing in its directness.

Cadence, Oct 2000

Tribus cover (1980x1980)
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Tribus back cover (1980X1980)
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